Harrison & Horlick, Inc.
A Registered Investment Advisory Firm

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Harrison & Horlick is committed to helping  businesses make the transition from great idea to industry leader.  From a simple idea to mature franchise, Harrison & Horlick can help position the idea, product or company as a viable prospect for outside investors or partners. 

We help create or refine a business plan, explain the corporate vision, and most importantly, conduct rigorous due diligence.  Once our process is complete, companies are introduced to the funding entities most interested in the project or idea.  With a great idea, a good profit incentive and the right contracts, businesses expand to their full potential.  Each project is handled with integrity.

Registered Investment Advisory Firm

Harrison & Horlick is a Delaware corporation.  Based in Texas and California, we are a licensed registered investment advisory firm and understand the importance of having a solid understanding of a client's overall goals and objectives. 

Business Services
Harrison & Horlick can provide that second set of eyes that clarifies your major obstacles and best strengths. We have a team of business management specialists with solid experience in sales and marketing who can provide the lift to get your business to the next level.  Alliances with institutional and private sector investors is key to our business practices.

Harrison & Horlick, Inc. has formed  joint venture partnerships to address renewable energy solutions for both domestic and global utilization. 


  • On schedule completion.
  • Final product exceeding expectations.
  • Honesty and integrity.